When Jan Maree first performed stand-up comedy at V.Q. Bar in Wellington in 1994, all she was hoping to accomplish was free beer and maybe score the attention of the lead guitarist in the half-time band. Regardless of her successes, her ambitions remain mostly the same.

Jan Maree has been described as a chauvinist’s nightmare and a thinking man’s wet dream, the sex symbol for men who just don’t care anymore and the drinking man’s Nigella Lawson. Her material ranges from true-life graphic to volatile social slaughter. She's also a bit of alright.

She has compiled a wide-ranging live/festival show career of assorted achievement. The better of these include "It’s In The Bag," for which she won the Billy T Award for Comedy in 2001. In her show “Eat Me” Jan cooked her way to a nomination for Best Local Show at the NZICF Awards in 2007. You might have seen her as the live host of Speedway at Western Springs or in PVC as the host of the adult lifestyle expo Erotica.

As for telly, she made countless appearances on “Pulp Comedy” and is relatively un-known from her appearance in Mike King’s prod-baby sketch show pilot "At Least You’re Having a Go". International appearances include The Sydney Comedy Store and the Comic’s Lounge, North Melbourne in Australia. Some pretty funny appearances on the streets of Paris and some totally random acts of idiocy in Dubai have all made for good stories and a ridiculous life. Jan Maree also appeared in the film "The Last Tattoo" (as the butt-tattoo-stunt-double…classy).

Her hour-long and uncensored 10-year special "Jan Maree: Have You Met Me?" premieres at The NZ International Comedy Festival this May.

Jan Maree resides in Whatawhata with her many journals and even more pot-plants, looking for the next big challenge… And a cup of tea… Che.